Watch: Hillary Clinton tells Auckland audience holding women to 'impossibly high standards needs to change'

Hillary Clinton has spoken out against what she says are the "impossibly high standards" women who aspire to leadership roles are held to.

Speaking to an audience in Auckland tonight, Ms Clinton - who ran against Donald Trump in the 2016 US Presidential election quoted recent comments from former US First Lady Michelle Obama.

"A few days ago Michelle Obama pointed out the consequences of holding women to impossibly high standards," Ms Clinton said.

"She (Ms Obama) said: 'If we still have this crazy bar for each other that we don't have for men. If we're not comfortable that a women could be a president then we have to have these conversations with ourselves.'"

"I think she's so right. This is something we have to explore, understand and change."

Earlier Ms Clinton said the more successful women become the less popular they are and women are also seen unfavourably when they advocate for themselves.

"Historically people like me when I'm serving a supporting role …. but the minute a women at least in our country (US) stands up and says 'I'd like a chance to lead' everything changes," Ms Clinton said.  

But Ms Clinton said being a woman in a leadership role "can also be rewarding".

"Just being at the table can bring a perspective that can be overlooked."

Ms Clinton says the “minute a women (in the US) stands up and says ‘Id like to lead’ everything changes” Source: 1 NEWS

Black hole in the south sucking thousands out of wallets of want-to-be astronomers

Amateur astronomers across the country are ruing the loss of tens of thousands of dollars after the founder of a local astronomy group took their money for telescopes he never supplied.

Robert McTague, who runs a photography business, a local observatory, the website NZ Telescopes and started up the South Canterbury Astronomers Group, owes his customers upwards of $100,000 worth of goods.

"I'd say I'd like my money back, but I've probably got a few choice words around the way he operates," said customer Wayne Govenlock.

Mr Govenlock is owed $4090 for a telescope ordered last year that's never arrived.

"I was going to have two weeks off at Christmas, and I thought I'll spend two weeks setting up my telescope and it's going to be great".

But after the delivery deadline came and went, Mr Govenlock started getting worried, and asked McTague for the details of the freight company.

"[I] rang up the freight company and they denied all knowledge of picking up any goods from this company… and then I was getting fake track and trace numbers. That's when I was like uh-oh, got a problem here".

McTague told Wayne Govenlock that the order was delayed because his sister had died, and then that he was in hospital.

"It's just shocking, it's the first time I've come across an outfit like this. And it's so blatant. It's just unbelievable," Mr Govenlock said.

He's not alone – Fair Go's heard from 15 different complainants, who together are owed a total of $113,772.

Other complainants were told by McTague that he'd had a stroke, suffered a fall, been diagnosed with cancer and that his son had a car crash that delayed the sending out of orders.

McTague wouldn't speak to Fair Go on the phone, but said in a statement that he's working to repay customers as soon as possible.

He said his stock levels were low and he had few assets left to sell.

His website has now been closed for maintenance.

McTague also said he himself was owed refunds from a telescope supplier – but he wouldn’t say who that was, or how much he was owed.

McTague was convicted in February on charges laid last year after he took funds from his brother's credit card.

He was ordered to pay reparation.

Many customers have now taken their complaints to the Disputes Tribunal and Police – but they can only bankrupt McTague, as he operates as a sole trader and none of his businesses are registered companies.

Fair Go is on the trail of a telescope dealer who customers say never supplied the goods. Source: Fair Go


'Lucky he's still got a roof over his head' - Auckland apartment owner ordered to get rid of her cat or shut the cat door

Auckland woman, Emma Gils has endured that sort of one sided relationship all cat owners have since she rescued Floyd six years ago.

"I'm committed, he's a cat, he's semi there."

Even though Emma's really into Floyd.

"He's ridiculously handsome," she says.

Her cat has caused a lot of trouble.

"I tell him all the time he's lucky he's still got a roof over his head. I do," she says as she sits on her couch feeding him.

Two years ago Emma bought her Mt Wellington apartment with Floyd in mind. She says the real estate agent said it was pet friendly and she got written permission from the developer for a cat door.

"He said Hi Emma I have no problem," Emma says as she reads out an email from the developer.

However one night Emma got an email from building manager Marianne Inglis, requesting she stop using the car door because of complains about her cat's poo.

Emma shot back an email asking how you can be sure it's her cat, and 14 minutes later Marianne emailed back suggesting cat traps.

"How can you respond to someone who's become so unreasonable and thinks cats traps is a reasonable solution to a little bit of cat poo in the garden," Emma says.

This was 18 months ago. Since then there's been a paper war, Emma's been ordered to get rid of her cat or shut her cat door.

Emma's fired back with lawyer's letters.

"It does feel a little out of hand," she says.

Now Emma who bought the apartment with permission to have a cat door is being taken to the tenancy disputes tribunal for using the cat door.

Emma says if the body corporate win, they want the cat gone in 48 hours plus money.

"They have demanded the equivalent of a couple of grand of lawyers fees, time for building manger, time for body corporate manager."

The case is set for mediation but Emma isn't hopeful of a positive outcome. She says either way Floyd is staying.

"I've never thought about getting rid of him … ever."

Or maybe they are leaving together.

"I would have to sell. I would and I don't want to sell, I like living here and I want to sell on my own terms."

This is quite a flap ... Over a cat flap.

Emma Gils says she had already got written permission from the developer for a cat door. Source: Fair Go