Watch: 'He's given the biggest silver spoon in the country' – Chloe Swarbrick burns David Seymour over 'wasted vote' dig




Chloe Swarbrick and David Seymour sparred once again in the TVNZ Youth Debate this evening, with Ms Swarbrick taking a jab at Mr Seymour's electoral sore-spot which got the audience in hysterics. 

The topic of learning politics in schools took an interesting turn.
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The MPs and candidates were asked about their thoughts on teaching politics in schools, with Mr Seymour saying he "doesn't know a school in New Zealand that doesn't already do it". 

Host Jack Tame asked, "So why do we have 240,000 people who are not enrolled?"

Epsom MP Mr Seymour said that young people's votes "actually need to count". 

"With the Greens here, who knows if they'll make five per cent, wasted vote. Damian Light, wasted vote."

Ms Swarbrick hit back saying, "For a guy who bangs on about beneficiaries all the time, he's given the biggest silver spoon in the country by the National Party."

'David Seymour' is currently trending on New Zealand Twitter. 

The National MP said it was one of the most important issues for young people in the coming decades
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The Green candidate compared inaction on climate change to a faithful relationship but still having Tinder.
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Darroch Ball said the 'broken' mental health system doesn't get help to where it's needed.
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Mr Light says all the tax would do would be to "disincentivise" the sale of housing.
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