Watch: Helicopter footage shows hills in Ruapehu District heavily scarred after severe rain




New footage filmed from a helicopter has revealed scarred hills in the Ruapehu District, as supplies have been flown in for about 120 people at Blue Duck Lodge, cut off because of the heavy rain that has hit parts of the North Island.

Ruapehu emergency management officer Nick Watson says Civil Defence has been in contact with the lodge owners and organised for food to be dropped in by helicopter this afternoon.

"They advise that everyone is warm, safe and happy for tonight, with enough supplies for tonight and into tomorrow," he said.

"We will be watching the weather situation overnight and making a decision on evacuations in the morning."

In other parts of Ruapehu, State Highway 43 remains closed with multiple slips between Haeo and Tahora on the Forgotten World Highway.

The heavy rain overnight through today caused significant flash flooding in Hawke's Bay, with more than 300mm reported in one area.

However, the situation has eased this afternoon.

Hastings District Council says the rain is expected to continue through until tomorrow morning, but spread over a longer period of time.

Residents who self-evacuated have been told they can return home, but those in the Esk River catchment area have been asked to remain prepared to leave at short notice if the situation changes.

The Napier-to-Taupo road, part of SH5, has been reopened after earlier being closed by the weather.

However, the NZ Transport Agency says people should take extra care and delays can be expected, with some sections down to one lane.

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