Watch: Heart-wrenching moment distressed cow chases after 4WD carrying off her calves in a cage




An emotional cow has been filmed chasing her calves down a New Zealand road as they are transported on the back of a 4WD in a trailer.

Animal-rights grop SAFE posted the footage to Facebook this morning after it was sent to them by a "concerned member of the public."

As the 4WD travels slowly, the mother cow can be seen running after her three calves while the driver appears to look out of his window to see what is happening. 

With their hazard lights flashing, the vehicle drives to the other side of the road and appears to slow down.

"The person who sent us this clip told us the calves were in an enclosure with no cows for a couple of days afterwards, and then disappeared," a SAFE spokesperson told 7 News.

"Like other mammals, a mother cow must give birth in order to produce milk. In the dairy industry calves are taken from their grieving mothers at hours old.

"Some are kept as replacements for their mothers, or reared for meat, and in New Zealand, a shocking approximately two million are killed as young as four days of age."

The organisation said the video shows a strong bond between the mother and her calves. 

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