Watch: The heart-warming moment a kiwi hatches against all odds from a damaged egg




A Kiwi has beaten the odds by hatching from its damaged egg, which was held together with masking tape.

Kiwi ingenuity and masking tape saved the egg, which was delivered to Kiwi Encounter with a large hole in the shell.
Source: Supplied

The badly damaged egg was handed in by a Department of Conservation worker to Rainbow Springs in Rotorua two weeks ago. 

Masking tape was used at the Kiwi Encounter facility to patch up a large hole in the egg, which was endangering the bird's life. 

It was patched up using the shell of another egg in the lead up to its successful hatch. 

Kiwi Encounter opened in 2004 so New Zealanders and overseas visitors could see the conservation work being done to protect kiwis and help increase the population of the species. 

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