Watch: 'He snores something chronic!' Meet the couple married for 16 years, who sleep in separate rooms

Nothing beats a good night's sleep, and for some couples, that means sleeping in separate beds - even separate rooms.

Tracy Wellington and Phil Davies have been married for 16 years, and they've been sleeping in separate rooms for over half that time.

The couple tried everything, from separate duvets to the "pocket spring partner disturbance thing", before discovering it was best to sleep apart.

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Tracy and Phil's relationship is as strong as ever, despite not sharing a bed for the past eight years. Source: Seven Sharp

From remand home to rap – young Dunedin men using rap to turn their lives around

Two young Dunedin men are using rap music to turn their lives around.

Cleveland and Hoepo had a troubled start to life and recently spent time in a remand home.

However, with the help of social worker Nan, the pair changed their mindset and are determined to rap themselves to a better future.

Seven Sharp has their inspiring story in the video above.

After a troubled start to life, Cleveland and Hoepo have changed their mindset around and are determined to rap themselves to a better future. Source: Seven Sharp

University of Otago announces new $150 million building in Christchurch

The University of Otago has announced plans to build a new building at its current Christchurch campus.

The six-storey building is estimated to cost $150 million, and will be the biggest ever construction project the university has undertaken.

The university aims to complete the new building on Oxford Terrace by 2022, in time for the 50th anniversary of the campus.

The building will enable the growth of the campus’ world-class health science research and education programmes, said Vice Chancellor Professor Harlene Hayne.

When the new building is completed, the existing ‘Riccarton’ building will be utilised primarily for teaching activities and clinical research projects involving Christchurch Hospital staff and patients.

Artist’s impression of the planned new University of Otago building on Christchurch campus. Source: University of Otago


Watch: Too early? Visit the Christchurch store that's been selling Christmas decorations since August

Every year we hear the same old story about "Christmas Creep" - shops selling Christmas decorations earlier and earlier each year.

Seven Sharp may have stumbled across a new record this year, as a Spotlight in Christchurch has already been selling Christmas stuff since the end of August.

Is August too late? Should we be diving into Christmas even earlier? Julian Lee reports in the video above.

A Spotlight store really has taken ‘Christmas Creep’ to a whole new level. Source: Seven Sharp

Ngāpuhi iwi living in Australia to have their say on treaty negotiations

Members of a Māori iwi living in Australia will be able to have their say on a major negotiation between their people and the New Zealand Crown.

Senior Government Minister Andrew Little will travel across Sydney, Brisbane and Perth next week as part of the Government's talks with members of Northland's Ngāpuhi.

He's been travelling New Zealand to speak with Ngāpuhi members as part of historical redress settlement talks - which may be worth as much as $300 million.

"It is crucial that Ngāpuhi in Ahitereiria (Australia) have that same opportunity," Mr Little said.

"I will be there to hear feedback from Australia-based Ngāpuhi and to answer their questions directly."

About 25,000 Ngāpuhi are currently thought to be living in Australia.

Ngāpuhi is the largest iwi in New Zealand, with about 125,000 people identifying with it in 2013, and the settlement could be the biggest in the country's history.

The largest historic settlement to date was worth $170 million.

New Zealand and Australian flags.
New Zealand and Australian flags. Source: