Watch: 'He expects to be respected' - former NZ PM's advice to English if he's forced to work with Peters




Former National prime minister Jim Bolger has offered some words of wisdom to Bill English, on how to deal with Winston Peters if a National-NZ First coalition is needed after the election this Saturday. 

Despite Mr Bolger expecting National "will have a good result", he said a win is "never in the bag until the votes are counted".
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The 82-year-old former prime minister, nicknamed 'The Great Helmsman', led the country from 1990 until 1997 when Jenny Shipley led a successful coup against him. 

When asked today in Kapiti how he thought National Party leader Bill English was doing in the election campaign, Mr Bolger said: "Bill's going very well. Bill English is Bill English".

"Everyone knows who he is, he's very sound, he's got a very strong intellect, he's got very strong values. I think he'll do a very good job."

However on the topic of a possible coalition with NZ First, Mr Bolger said Mr Peters, "will need the respect that every political leader needs if they form, or go into discussions on a coalition".

Mr Bolger led the first New Zealand MMP coalition government with National and NZ First in 1996, coincidentally after sacking Mr Peters from National's Cabinet in 1991. 

"You've got to respect Winston's position. He's been in politics a long time and he expects to be respected for that." 

Mr Bolger thought National's "momentum" would give Mr English "a good result" on election day, but a win was "never in the bag until votes are counted". 

English and Ardern were put on the spot over potential coalition partners. Mr English didn't mince his words.
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