Watch: Hannah Tamaki talks abortion and which political party Coalition NZ could work with – ‘I'm pro-life’

Hannah Tamaki has given her views on abortion and which political party Coalition New Zealand could work with if elected into Parliament, during an interview with 1 NEWS reporter Katie Bradford.

The discussion came moments after Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki and his wife Hannah launched the political party at an Auckland event this afternoon.

Bradford opened the interview by asking what the party slogan "politics with teeth" entailed.

"Just because I am a woman doesn't mean you can't be strong and will be walked all over and sat down, if I have to I'll come back," Mrs Tamaki said.

"When I play with our great granddaughter and I'm acting like a tiger, that's what I'll be like a little tiger."

The Coalition New Zealand leader also explained the reason she is "pro-life" when it comes to the issue of abortion.

"I am pro-life and it's because I had a two-and-a-half-pound child in an incubator for the first two months of her life and how vulnerable and how little she was," Mrs Tamaki said.

When asked about possible deals with other parties, Mrs Tamaki ruled out entering into a coalition with Labour and said "we'll see" if approached by National.

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Mr Tamaki made the announcement with his wife Hannah in Auckland today. Source: 1 NEWS

Speaking in front of media at the party launch Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki said: "I believe that this Labour government is taking this country in the wrong direction our freedom values and culture is in danger because of the harmful policies coming from this Government.

"We need to launch a party in this political climate, so today I believe you are going to see politics with teeth.

"This is a party led by leaders, leadership is what's lacking right now. This party is desperately needed right now in this country.

"This is a party more than just Christians in New Zealand will connect to."

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1 NEWS’ Katie Bradford sat down with Mrs Tamaki after the launch of her political party. Source: 1 NEWS

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