Watch: Hail and rain buckets down in Gisborne, lightning bolts light up sky




A severe hail storm has bucketed down in Gisborne this afternoon. 

The "light show" was captured by Billy Maxwell during this evenings storm.
Source: Supplied

Metservice said Gisborne would receive "showers, some heavy and thundery" today. 

Shingo Suematsu sent footage to 1 NEWS showing hail plummeting down on a backyard deck, panning up to the grey sky. 

Shingo Suematsu captured the severe hail storm from a Gisborne home this evening.
Source: Supplied

Lightning bolts lit up the sky while heavy rain hit the city hard, conditions which Linda Coulston desribed as "loud and rowdy." 

Thunder bolt in Gisborne.

Source: Linda Coulston

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