Watch: Gone in 60 seconds! Auckland Domain daylight smash and grab shows how quickly you can be caught out


A dashcam video filmed at the Auckland Domain shows just how quickly thieves can smash their way into a vehicle and be gone with valuables inside.

A video was posted online on April 10 by Poompis Pattaranutaporn as a warning, showing an incident on April 7 about 10am at the Domain, where his car was broken into. 

"We parked at temporary parking just in front of the front door of Auckland War Museum to take some pictures," Mr Pattaranutaporn wrote.

"There's a man came to our car and smashed the windows, in PUBLIC! A lot of people there, and took two of our bags.

"This happened very fast and actually in our sight."

The video shows a car pulling in front of the victim's car as another man walks along, appearing to survey cars and people in the area.

The man walks to the side of the car and presumably takes a look inside, before walking to the waiting car and taking an item from the back seat to break the window with.

He casually walks back to the victim's car and allegedly smashes a window, grabbing two backpacks before sprinting to the waiting car, which drives off at speed as the victims give chase.

The time span between the men arriving at the car and speeding off is less than one minute.

A police spokesperson said a 34-year-old man was arrested on April 13 and charged with theft from a car over the incident.

He has appeared at Auckland District Court and was granted bail to reappear on June 6.

Police tips for deterring opportunist thieves:

- Make sure your vehicle is always locked and the windows fully closed.

- If you have an alarm, set it every time you leave the vehicle.

- Don't leave valuables such as laptops, cameras, wallets, smartphones, iPods or satellite navigation systems in your car. Leave them at home, take them with you, or if you have to leave them in your vehicle, keep them well hidden.

- Move any loose change you keep handy for parking, so it's out of sight.

- Try to park in well-lit and populated areas, where possible.

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