Watch: 'Go back to your ching-chong land' - student from Auckland high school caught racially abusing and attacking Chinese peer

An Auckland high school has become embroiled in a racism scandal, with footage emerging of a student telling a Chinese peer to "go back to your ching-chong land" and attacking him.

The footage has been addressed by Westlake Boys High School Principal David Ferguson who told 1 NEWS action has been taken.

Mr Ferguson says: "We have been working with the family of the student involved in the incident on the video and are continuing to offer our support. A disciplinary process is underway with regards to the incident in the video."

He also said a staff member at the school, who allegedly made "insensitive comments" in a separate incident, has been "dealt with".

It is not yet clear what these "insensitive comments" from a staff member are race related, but they are addressed in the same email sent to 1 NEWS in which Mr Ferguson addresses the racist comments from the student in the video.

The footage taken on a phone by a Chinese student shows a fellow Westlake Boys student saying: "Go back to your ching-chong land. I don't care where you go back to, don't come and annoy me."

The student making the comments then appears to attack the boy he's talking to.

Mr Ferguson adds that "all staff have been reminded of their duties around fairness and tolerance".

He says Westlake Boys is a diverse multi-cultural school, with the majority of their students born outside of New Zealand.  

A Chinese Maori Party candidate Wetex Kang is reportedly helping the student victims at the centre of the Westlake Boys racist comments.

"This kind of bullying has lasted for one month," Kang said.

"At the beginning, a teacher was alleged to have called the students 'idiots' with 'rich parents'.

"The principal only asked the teacher to apologise to the students.

"After that, some local students started to bully those Chinese students.

Mr Kang said the parents of the Westlake Boys student who had been bullied asked for help among the Chinese community and were directed to him.

"The victims called police for help at once but they did not get any response from the police," Mr Kang said.

"Last Friday, three Chinese students were seriously assaulted by some local students again," he said.