Watch: 'It gives people purpose' - the men's health revolution born in a Kiwi shed

A new thesis written by Dr David Anstiss suggests the humble Kiwi shed has a beneficial role to play in men's health.

Dr David Anstiss has new research that suggests pottering around in a shed could actually be good for your health. Source: Breakfast

Aimed at mainly retired men the Men's Shed Movement has been setting up sheds around the country since 2011.

Here men from the local community gather to socialise, build stuff, and generally just put the world to rights.

Dr Anstiss told TVNZ's Breakfast today: "A lot of people feel like they have been thrown on the scrapheap when they are retired.

"This is a way they can stay both mentally, socially, and physically active, while also contributing to the community."

"It gives people purpose," he said.

Dr Anstiss hopes that staying engaged and active in the shed's will also increase life expectancy amongst participants.