Watch: 'I will give you a hiding' - Fair Go's Gordon Harcourt threatened by dealer

An Auckland car salesman who failed to disclose he was a dealer when selling a vehicle to a 17-year-old threatened to bash a TVNZ reporter investigating the story.

'We are allowed to film': Gordon confronts dealer who sold 17-year-old girl her first car – then the brakes didn't work Source: Fair Go

"Stop your camera or otherwise I’ll break it," Mohammad Rostami says during video of the confrontation with Fair Go host Gordon Harcourt outside his panel beater garage.

"Don’t touch our gear, mate. Don’t touch our gear," Harcourt says.

"You’re not allowed to film," Mr Rostami says, unaware the Fair Go camera crew is well within the law to film from the roadside.

The star of a road safety advertisement ends up in the driving seat of a real life drama! This is one of the worst car sales stories we’ve ever come across. Source: Fair Go

As Harcourt follows Mr Rostami towards his garage asking further questions about why he did not disclose to buyer Anna Lines that he was a registered motor vehicle trader the salesman says, "you cross from here, I will give you a hiding".

"I told you to go and get a real job," Mr Rostami continues.

Gordon was bashed while investigating a Mount Maunganui car salesman in 2011. Source: Fair Go

"You are breaking the law, Mohammad, you are breaking the law," Harcourt says.

Anna bought a car from Mr Rostami online, believing it was a private deal. Just five hours after the purchase Anna crashed the car with her father Ian in the passenger seat, both claiming the brakes had failed.

Because Mr Rostami was a registered trader customers buying a vehicle from him are protected by the Consumer Guarantees Act and the Motor Vehicle Disputes Tribunal.

Independent testing of the car by the AA showed the brakes were not faulty.