Watch: Furious Dr Lance O'Sullivan asks why healthcare workers were at anti-vax film - 'It is incompatible for you to be here'

Dr Lance O'Sullivan has criticised healthcare workers who attended a screening of an anti-vaccination movie in Kaitaia last night.

The former NZer of the Year stunned guests by jumping on stage mid-film to explain why it was wrong – and dangerous. Source: Supplied

"Last night when I protested, there were members of the community there who serve and work in jobs, that are tax-payer funded jobs, that work with vulnerable children," the 2014 New Zealander of the year told 1 NEWS.

"I called them out and I said to them you should not be here, it is incompatible for you to be here and watching this movie... I'm really upset that there were people in that room, in that audience that shouldn't have been there."

The 2014 NZer of the year made the comments at a Kaitaia screening of the film Vaxxed Source: 1 NEWS

He's now speaking to his lawyer after he was continuously attacked online by anti-vaccination campaigners.

Dr O'Sullivan told 1 NEWS he has been labelled a "whore" of pharmaceutical companies and has been accused of taking money from drug companies due to his staunch advocating of vaccinations.

"I'm furious. Frustrating is an understatement. I am furious."

The campaigners have also attacked his disabled son online, who has muscular dystrophy.

"I can't believe they stooped this low."

* An earlier version of this story said Dr O'Sullivan criticised Northland District Health Board staff for attending the screening. But the DHB said he had referred to taxpayer-funded healthcare workers and that there are many of these who are not employed by the DHB.

Dr O'Sullivan says taxpayer-funded healthcare professionals had no place being at a screening of 'Vaxxed' in Kaitaia. Source: 1 NEWS