Watch: Frisky Antarctic seals emerge from icy water, put on an unexpected show for 1 NEWS reporter at Scott Base

It could be considered a boring sea mammal because it doesn't move much, but the Weddell seal in Antarctica managed to stun onlookers who were at Antarctica's Scott Base today.

The 400kg-plus seals usually don't move much at all, but they put on quite a show for those at the Scott Base anniversary. Source: 1 NEWS

The 400kg-plus sea mammals today showed they weren't just a pack of lazy loungers when they wriggled vigorously in the Antarctic snow after emerging from the sea.

Today 1 NEWS captured a herd of Weddell seals putting a lot of energy into rubbing off sea water into the snow.

1 NEWS reporter Lisa Davies, who is at Scott Base, said the spectacle was pretty entertaining to watch.

"Even after you've been waiting out in -10 degrees for quite some time to see some seal action," she said.

The seals can weigh more than 400kg and are incredible divers. They can spend up to 80 minutes underwater at a time.

Some well-known personalities, including Kiwi singer Gin Wigmore, have just been in Antarctica to mark the 60th anniversary of Scott Base.

New Zealand business leader Claudia Batten was there at the weekend to take part in a TEDx broadcast.

Scott Base staff members were given a chance to ask the eight TEDx speakers questions in the lead-up to the event.

A question about whether more people should have access to the ice prompted some strong views.