Watch: Friend serenades woman stuck in hole in Wellington with ABBA hit

A Labour Weekend adventure at an abandoned house in Wellington took a turn for the worse for a group of friends after one of them fell through plywood into a hole.

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The pair were having a look at a house when she fell through plywood. Source: Supplied

Footage released on social media by Seni Iasona shows his friend Aleisha Wadsworth trapped at the bottom of a dirt hole at the property on Hawker Street near Mount Victoria, on Saturday.

"Just stay calm," Mr Iasona said in the video.

But after hearing sirens in the distance, he told his friend: "Actually no, be more dramatic because then they'll come faster.

"Just think of it as a Survivor challenge.

“But this is your life, not money," he said.

Unsure what he could do to help from the safety of the top of the hole, Ms Iasona started belting out ABBA’s Slipping Through My Fingers until emergency services arrived.

The Dominion Post reported the group had a laugh over the video afterward. Ms Wadsworth was not seriously injured and only had a few bruises.