Watch on freedom campers in Christchurch




Freedom campers in the Christchurch area can expect to come under the spotlight as new rules take effect ahead of the busy summer season.

Last summer the council saw parks become rubbish tips.
Source: 1 NEWS

From today, visitors without a toilet in their vehicle will be banned from freedom camping through the district, including Bank Peninsula.

Christchurch City Council head of regulatory compliance Tracey Weston says staff will be out and about regularly over the summer to check that freedom campers are following the new rules.

Those caught breaking them could be handed a $200 fine.

The amended bylaw allows freedom camping in certified self-contained vehicles without a time restriction in rural zones.

Ms Weston says staff will be paying close attention to the stickers that show that a vehicle has been approved by the NZ Motor Caravan Association as self-contained.

She says there have been instances of people trying to forge the stickers.

Last year, the council designated five specific sites for non-self-contained freedom camping.

However, the council closed the sites because of overcrowding, unsanitary conditions and complaints from residents.

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