Watch: Footage shows man thought to be synthetic cannabis user writhing outside Auckland primary school




A man has been caught on video screaming and writhing on the ground at a bus stop near a west Auckland primary school, sparked by what's believed to have been both synthetic cannabis and bath salts.

The man who filmed the incident at a bus stop outside New Lynn Primary School yesterday morning has told RadioLIVE a number of children from the school saw and heard the man, but were quickly whisked away by teachers. 

However, Shade McClellan said the man's screams will have left a mark.

"I keep playing that video clip and hearing that guy scream - it keeps giving me quivers to hear a grown man scream like that and be incoherent," Mr McClellan said.

He said there were initially "three or four guys" high on what he thought was synthetic cannabis at a nearby bus stop, but the others left when the one in the video started screaming.

"One person fortunately enough was able to tell us they'd just taken synthetic drugs, along with bath salts," he said.

Eight people are known to have died this month after taking synthetic cannabis, and police are investigating the possible synthetic cannabis-related death of a woman found dead in West Auckland last night. 

Meanwhile, Vivienne Allen, the sister of Darryn Wright who died on a downtown Auckland street nearly three weeks ago after using synthetic cannabis, yesterday told 1 NEWS that no matter how hard his family tried to get help for the 51-year-old, he couldn't escape the drug's clutches. 

Ms Allen advised other families dealing with drug users in their family to, "take them under your wing and get them help".

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