Watch: Foilboarders glide along on top of Auckland ferry's wake - but company isn't happy

A group of foilboarders have filmed themselves cruising along on the wake of a ferry in Auckland, but the company says it doesn't appreciate it.

The four - who named themselves in the video as Juan Cumar, Aaron Candy, Paul Butterworth and Mike Cann, took two jetskis out into the harbour on a flat day and filmed themselves, writing "No wind ... no waves ... be inventive."

As they skillfully ride the wake of a large passenger ferry, people onboard can be seen watching and pointing.

They posted the video online on Sunday, but ferry company Sealink told Newshub there are "risks to participants of a high speed collision".

The law states that jet-skiiers should stay at least 50m from a person or vessel.

Sealink said they had raised the incident with the Harbourmaster's office.

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