Watch: First Kiwi quadruplets to be born in over two decades settling into life at home in Timaru

The first set of quadruplets to be born in New Zealand in over two decades are settling into life at home in Timaru.

The MacDonald family have dubbed themselves, quadruplets plus one, as their family of three expanded to seven overnight.

The three-month-old quads, who were born at 28 weeks by caesarean section consist of three girls, two are identical twins, and one boy.

Quinn, Indie, Molly and Hudson’s mum Kendall MacDonald told 1 NEWS "it kind of seems still not real yet".

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The three-month old quads, consist of three girls and one boy. Source: 1 NEWS

Dad Josh MacDonald is beaming over the new additions.

"Instant family overnight, it's been good, though we wouldn't have it any other way."

Although there certainly are challenges, as they can't tell the identical twins apart.

"It doesn't really matter if they get mixed up in the scheme of things does it?" Josh said laughing.

Kendall replied with a smile "yes it does. what a dad thing to say!"

Initially the couple were told they were only having one baby, but two months of fertility treatment led to the multiple birth.

Kendall says looking at the scan "even just looking at it now I'm thinking how's it even possible".

The MacDonald quadruplets. Source: 1 NEWS

They change 30 nappies a day and take turns getting up to the babies at night.

The family have a part-time nanny funded by the Government, but have set up a Givealittle page to help pay for more assistance.

Nana Vicki MacDonald pops in to help the family on a regular basis.

"I couldn't ask for a better job I'm the lucky one, love it, keeps us entertained that's for sure," she said.

They say the support of Josh’s employer Fonterra has been amazing.

The company has given him three months off work from when the babies were in intensive care, and has provided them with a years' worth of meals that they pick up every two weeks.

Today is their fourth wedding anniversary.

"That was my gift, four babies," Kendall said.

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1 NEWS reporter Lisa Davies speaks with proud parents, Kendall and Josh MacDonald. Source: 1 NEWS