Watch: Feeling the pressure? Winston Peters on the back foot as he's pressed about why we'll have to keep waiting for a decision




Winston Peters grew frustrated with reporters this evening after being pressed as to why his party will miss today's decision deadline he had previously postulated before coalition talks began.

Mr Peters had previously stated one or more of his board members had a funeral to attend, but walked it back when pressed.
Source: 1 NEWS

Emerging from his final meeting with National this afternoon, the NZ First leader appeared to forget he'd previously told reporters the reason some of his board members couldn't make it to Wellington today was because they had funerals to attend. 

"No I didn't say that all," Mr Peters asserted, looking confused. The gathered media then assured him he had mentioned the fact earlier this week to which Mr Peters replied:

"I said some people may have funerals to go to, I didn't say they did, look at your own records, don't make it up as you go along.

"I said maybe that'd be a reason why they couldn't come, I don't know yet I haven't checked with them all."

A reporter then asked why he put funeral on the table, saying "that's quite a specific thing".

"I think the person was in NZ First, has a funeral coming and we have to find who can and who can't go, that is happening behind my organisation of these meetings," said Mr Peters.

Peters says he expects his board to be the same way when they meet on Saturday.
Source: 1 NEWS

"I can't know everything all of the time about everything happening around the country, surely you understand that," Mr Peters continued, seeming to grow increasingly frustrated.

While not being drawn on when the board meeting might actually happen, Mr Peters replied sarcastically when asked where it would be.

"If the caucus is going to be in Wellington then there's a good chance the meeting will be in Wellington."

Winston Peters said the possibility of Skype was discussed but decided against.
Source: 1 NEWS

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