Watch: Father who suffocated young daughter to death 'asked police to shoot him'


A man who suffocated his two-year-old daughter by holding her head on a pillow in an attempt to settle her has received a jail term of four years and three months.

Philip Kinraid killed his daughter by holding her head on a pillow to try to settle her, in June, 2015.
Source: 1 NEWS

Philip Kinraid, 29, last year admitted charge of manslaughter for causing the death of his daughter Esme on June 26, 2015 at the family's home in Hawera, South Taranaki.

He was today sentenced in the High Court in New Plymouth.

The court heard how Kinraid wrapped her in a blanket in an effort to restrain Esme when she wouldn't go to sleep, and held her face down on a bed.

He left the room and when he returned later that night be found her still, with face discolouration.

Justice Rebecca Ellis told the court she did not accept he was unaware of how dangerous that was.

"She was struggling against you... she had no chance of escape... calling it restraint does not make it okay," Judge Ellis said.

He was mistaken that this technique, or any such like it, is safe"
Paul Keegan, lawyer

Justice Ellis clarified it did not fall in with other child manslaughter cases where abuse had been persistent - and that it was an act involving force with terrible consequences.

"Esme is dead. Her life and her future were taken away in an instant she was only two years old," she said.

Phillip Kinraid, 29, was sentenced to four years jail for Esme's manslaughter.
Source: 1 NEWS

Kinraid's lawyer Paul Keegan told the court his client is remorseful for his actions.

"He was mistaken that this technique, or any such like it, is safe," Mr Keegan said.

His lawyer said he had not spoken to his former partner, Esme's mother, since the night it happened, despite his willingness to go through the restorative justice process.

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