Watch: 'What a f***ing idiot' – ACT's David Seymour unloads on NZ First MP in stinging attack




Act Party leader David Seymour has let rip at a New Zealand First MP, labelling him "a f***ing idiot" during a speech at a Business New Zealand conference in Wellington.

Mr Seymour was at Business NZ conference in Wellington, when he criticised NZ First MP Richard Prosser.
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NZ First MP Richard Prosser had earlier told the conference at Te Papa that his party would bring electricity assets back under a state-owned, state-controlled umbrella.

"That means if you have shares in Contact - get rid of them now," Mr Prosser said.

Asked how he proposed to fund an $11 billion buy-back of electricity companies, Mr Prosser said they would be bought back over time at the price they were sold for.

Mr Seymour told the audience that statement showed how the last nine years of having reliable, orthodox economic policy could crash down in four weeks time.

"The idea that you would have somebody who pretends to hold the balance of power - to come and tell you that a stock trading at $5.85 is going to be nationalised at $3.10 and you better all sell it.

"Well, I realise that in a role such as mine you are supposed to have a certain amount of decorum. But that makes me really angry - what a f***ing idiot," Mr Seymour said to laughter and applause.

"I mean what an idiot.

"But that's actually the reality. And that's someone who can barely manage his own diet and exercise regime and thinks he's going to be managing a ministerial post, and actually could be. We shouldn't joke about it," Mr Seymour said.


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