Watch: Etiquette for kids – meet the woman who runs a manners school for youngsters



Seven Sharp

An etiquette school in Auckland is taking on the unenviable task of teaching Kiwi kids how to have better table manners.

Seven Sharp's Tim Wilson went along to learn more about the etiquette deficit.
Source: Seven Sharp

Jodi Tempero runs Mr and Mrs Manners at Auckland fine dining restaurant Antoine's for a starting price of just under $300.

Ms Tempero believes having good manners is a dying art in modern society.

"Confused and non-existent, whatever happened to being kind to people? It's not about a knife and fork necessarily, it's about being kind, considerate and respectful," she told TVNZ 1's Seven Sharp.

According to Ms Tempero business is booming.

"I'm getting inquiries from Wellington, Christchurch and Tauranga."

When asked what she believes the cardinal sin of bad table manners is she said: "Oh the biggest one is chewing with your mouth open. I cannot cope with it".

"It's just not something you need to be looking at, somebody else's steak being chewed in their mouth."

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