Watch: Embattled MP Todd Barclay fronts press after day of explosive revelations - apologises for any misleading answers but won't discuss future




Clutha-Southland MP Todd Barclay has made a brief apology for the 'misleading' answers given to media over alleged secret staff recordings, but would not answer any questions when fronting the media this evening. 

The Clutha-Southland MP has been in the headlines over allegations relating to a staffer in his electorate office.
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"It is important I clarify and correct my comments to the media earlier today, I have read Mr English's statement to the police and accept it," he said. 

"The period in question was a very stressful one, as I was in the midst of a difficult employment dispute."

The Prime Minister's memory was jogged when he checked his police statement.
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He said he "no doubt" he spoke to Mr English, the previous Clutha-Southland MP, "as the dispute escalted". 

"Like any break-down in a relationship, I accept there was fault on both sides."

"Looking back I could have handled the situation differently and I regret that."

He is facing intense pressure after explosive revelations forced the Prime Minister to make a potentially damaging about face.
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He said for legal reasons he could not comment further. 

"This has been a steep learning curve for me."

"I'm sorry if any of the answers I gave this morning were misleading."

He then swiftly turned around and walked away. 


Bill English faced media scrutiny today over his knowledge of the secret recordings Clutha-Southland MP Todd Barclay made of staff, and whether it would cost the young MP his seat.

A page from Bill English's Police statement about the alleged Todd Barclay recording

A page from Bill English's Police statement about the alleged Todd Barclay recording

Source: 1 NEWS

This morning Mr English said he could not recall who told him of the recordings, but this afternoon released the police statement which discussed Mr Barclay disclosing that he had made recordings. 

"In that statement I said to police that Todd Barclay had told me that he had recordings of his staff criticising him."

Whether Mr Barclay should be kept on as an MP, Mr English said: "That's really a matter for him, about what he's done exactly in that capacity."

"As far as I was concerned those issues had be dealt with."

When asked if Todd Barclay lied this morning when he refuted claims that he made a secret recording, Mr English said, "You'll have to ask him."

Mr Barclay had previously denied to media that such a recording existed.

Although, from whom he heard this pay-off had occurred, he said he isn't sure.

Allegations had emerged Mr English was aware of hush-money paid to an employee of Clutha-Southland MP Mr Barclay in 2015.

Investigative news website Newsroom is reporting former Prime Minister John Key was involved in the alleged pay-off of Mr Barclay's employee, and that text messages reveal Mr English knew about it too.

They say part of the pay-off came out of former Prime Minister John Key's leader's budget.

Former employee of Mr Barclay, Glenys Dickson, was allegedly paid money after she complained she was secretly recorded following a meeting in Gore, and hired an employment lawyer to deal with it.

It is believed the money was paid to Dickson to make the issue go away.

Answering questions from the media today to what extent Bill English knew of the details of the Dickson employment settlement, Mr Barclay said: "I don't know, you'd have to ask Bill English".

Police said in a statement the investigation into the matter is closed, but any new information provided will be assessed.

Mr Barclay refused to speak with police about the matter at the time, as was his right.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister's office said, given the dispute was an employment matter, it would be inappropriate to discuss the details.

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