Watch: Dramatic image shows flames shooting from Air New Zealand plane's engine before emergency landing at Hawke's Bay Airport

Dramatic images have surfaced from inside the Air New Zealand plane that was forced to make an emergency landing at Hawke's Bay Airport this afternoon after engine failure.

One of the images shows flames spurting out of the back of the plane's left engine, while another shows the propeller on the stricken engine stopped after it was shut down.

Air New Zealand released a statement after the incident saying there was no engine fire but one of the plane's engines "experienced surging shortly after take-off" similar to that experienced in a back-firing car.

They said the aircraft involved was an ATR72-500 which is designed to operate safely on one engine and pilots are trained for this scenario.

Engineers have since checked the aircraft and confirmed there was no fire, and no visible damage to the engine, according to Air New Zealand.

There were 71 passengers onboard at the time of the incident.