Watch: 'What does it say to girls?' Hilary Barry lashes Women's Day over 'photoshopped' cover image of Kate Middleton

Seven Sharp host Hilary Barry has hit out at Women's Day magazine, accusing it of photoshopping a cover image of Kate Middleton.

The image in question is of the Duchess, husband Prince William and their newborn son.

It was taken just seven hours after she gave birth at a London hospital.

Barry questioned why the magazine felt the need to retouch the image, given how amazing the Duchess looked.

"The reason this gets my knickers in a twist, what does it say to girls, that a woman who looked so incredible just hours after giving birth - and she did, un-photoshopped she looked remarkable, quite unlike most normal women who go through childbirth, she's incredible," Barry said. 

"But Women's Day decided she didn't look good enough, so they had to photoshop her.

"And just that kind of annoyed me."

Kate, William, George and Charlotte are welcoming the latest addition to their family. Source: 1 NEWS

Women's Day declined to comment when approached by Stuff. 

The Seven Sharp host wonders why the image had to be touched up, given how amazing she looked just hours after giving birth. Source: Seven Sharp