Watch: Does Peters have the best smile in politics? Winston cracks up the media after reporter's presser malfunction




The power-broker at the centre of New Zealand's coalition has shown a side often hidden from public view, after a reporter's blunder during this morning's pre-coalition party talks with National at Parliament.

He’s been putting on a severe face for the cameras. But Peters revealed his other side when this morning’s presser hit a snag.
Source: 1 NEWS

In the middle of an intense media scrum, as Mr Peters was asked an initial question from 1 NEWS' Corin Dann, another reporter suffered battery failure, causing a distracted Mr Peters to draw a halt to proceedings.

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"What's going on over here," a wry-grinning Mr Peters turned to ask mid-interview, realising something wasn't right.

"I've run of battery," came the quick response from off camera.

A smiling Mr Peters responded: "We'll I'll wait for him then."

Mr Peters, now laughing, continued: "It's a bit pointless otherwise isn't it."

It wasn't long before Mr Peters' was back into it, being asked by 1 NEWS' political editor Corin Dann about what the special votes results would mean for a left-wing government

The NZ First leader didn't give much away ahead of preliminary coalition negotiations with National and Labour.
Source: 1 NEWS

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