Watch: Daredevil skateboard stunt goes wrong on Hamilton’s Fairfield Bridge

A foolhardy skateboarder has fallen off the side of one of the arches of Hamilton's iconic Fairfield Bridge, halfway up an attempt to skate the length of the structure.

Footage of the daring attempt was captured by passing Hamilton man Cameron Ward, who expresses horror after watching the skateboarder fall many metres off the side of the arch.

The trick attempt was filmed at 5pm last Friday, NZ Herald reports.

"I was biking home and passed him with his skateboard, I said 'hello' to him and recognised he was the guy who I have seen biking over the humps on his BMX bike, although he nails that," Mr Ward said.

"So now he has nailed the BMX he has obviously decided to step it up and try it on a skateboard."

Mr Ward reported the skateboarder remarkably got up and walked away after the crash.

The arches on Hamilton's Fairfield Bridge have been a frequent target of daredevil stunt-men, on foot and even motorbike.  

The arches on the bridge are just over a metre wide.