Watch: Corin Dann gives his analysis as special votes set up a 'knife-edge' five days in Parliament


The special votes result has set up a "knife-edge" five days in Parliament, according to 1 NEWS Political Editor Corin Dann.

The 1 NEWS Political Editor thinks the centre left has more credibility in negotiations after special votes.
Source: 1 NEWS

Dann called the results a "twist in the tale" to this election, with the final votes seeing Labour and the Greens add one seat each to their tally, meaning National lost two seats in the process.

This gives the centre left some breathing room when it comes to coalition negotiations with NZ First leader Winston Peters, Dann said after the final election count was declared this afternoon.

"It really comes down to the size of the majority for the centre left. They had the barest of majorities after election night with 61 seats. Today that goes up to 63 providing quite a bit more comfort for Labour and the Greens, and NZ First, if Winston Peters decided to join them in a coalition," he said.

"National still has the strongest majority if it went with NZ First, but 65 verse 63 is the equation we're talking here, which isn't a huge difference," he continued.

Dann concluded his analysis by saying Mr Peters could go either way in his decision.

"Now the scenario gives Winston two very close teams on the right and the left to choose from and it's set up a knife-edge five days in Parliament."

Final Result after special votes:

National: 56 seats
Labour: 46 seats
NZ First: Nine seats
Green Party: Eight seats
ACT New Zealand: One seat

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