Watch: Confronting new aerial vision shows extent of Tasman wildfires

New aerial footage taken from a helicopter above the Tasman region shows just how far the devastating wildfires have spread, and how much is left to fight.

While no open flames were visible when 1 NEWS reporter Kaitlin Ruddock was shown the area from the sky, there are still plenty of hotspots emitting smoke.

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These hotspots can flare up quickly if wind conditions change.

Also visible are very large areas of burned forestry, some of which were only burned at ground level, leaving behind trees which may or may not survive.

Large firebreaks which were dug into the ridgeline above the town of Wakefield are also visible.

Tasman mayor Richard Kempthorne made the comments during a press conference about the fire today. Source: 1 NEWS

The threat from forecast strong winds has yet to eventuate, but authorities remain on edge. Source: 1 NEWS

After burning for several days, the blaze has damaged over 2000 hectares of land. Source: 1 NEWS