Watch: Christchurch speaker thieves get instant justice - by falling flat on their faces




Young thieves got a taste of karma after a pair of them fell on their faces while trying to steal a school's PA speakers.

The youth was caught on camera falling from his accomplice's shoulders while trying to get Rawhiti School's PA speakers.
Source: 1 NEWS

The thieves were caught on CCTV at Rawhiti School in Christchurch and the school posted the videos on its Facebook page on Monday.

"Over the holidays our external horn speakers were stolen," the school wrote.

In the video, one thief attempts to climb on the shoulders of another to reach up to the speaker, but loses balance and both fall on to the concrete.

Two others watching then scatter, and the two on the ground pick themselves up and do the same.

The post suggests that the speakers may have been stolen to attach to bikes, following a trend of putting speakers on the handlebars of a bike to play loud music while riding around.

The school said the speakers are engraved with its name, so they should stick out to anyone with a keen eye.

St Albans School has also reported that speakers were stolen from their property within the same time period.

St Albans School are seeking the public's help to find the offenders, who were caught on CCTV.
Source: Breakfast

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