Watch: Cheeky Winston Peters cracks a funny at expense of lifejacket-wearing National MP

Winston Peters today made a Split Enz gag at the expense of a lifejacket wearing National MP. 

"If you've been six months in a leaky boat, like the Split Enz song, quite likely you'll need to lifejacket," Mr Peters said after Alfred Ngaro walked to Question Time wearing a red lifejacket. 

The National MP has been donning the lifejacket in an attempt for the Government to pick up his Member's Bill which would make lifejackets compulsory for children under 15 on vessels 6m or less. 

He wants "one standard, one rule for all". 

When asked if he felt ridiculous wearing the lifejacket in Parliament, Mr Ngaro said, "Yeah but for the life of children, does it make a difference?"

"If it can send out a message, that's what is more important. Take the Bill out of my name, make it a Government Bill, most important thing is if we can help save a life."

"Too many people are drowning in New Zealand. My Bill would ensure that young people are safer in the water."

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    Alfred Ngaro wants lifejackets compulsory for anyone under 15 on boats 6m or less. Source: 1 NEWS

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