Watch: Chairs through walls and broken toilets - Victoria University student residence 'a feral zoo'

A Victoria University student residence is being described as a "feral zoo" after a Wellington accommodation block was trashed over the weekend.

Alcohol has been banned in one hall, and some students are leaving as they feel unsafe. Source: 1 NEWS

Funnelling straight vodka and having multiple drinks at once are just some of the ways some students at some Victoria University halls of residence fuel up for a big night.

Photos show the trail of drunken destruction left behind at the Joan Stevens Hall, where there were around 40 separate cases of property damage this weekend alone, and alcohol has now been banned at that hall.

"A few chairs thrown through walls, broken glass. We've got three doors gone," one male student said.

My common room is covered in vomit and, like, my toilet is broken or the doors are broken - A student who's leaving the halls of residence

A female student said: "We have an alcohol ban now, so yeah, it was pretty bad. Just the classic drunk kids, breaking walls, toilets."  

Some of those who spoke to 1 NEWS say the drunken antics and the damaging of property have gone too far, and some students are leaving because they feel unsafe.

"It is feral, it is really, really bad. My common room is covered in vomit and, like, my toilet is broken or the doors are broken or something's broken. It's just not a fun place to live. It's not comfortable. You don't feel safe sometimes," said one female student who's leaving.

"Its' a competition almost. I feel like it's, like a lot of boys are really egging each other on, like 'drink out of this piece of furniture or break this piece of furniture. I bet you can't do this'."

Alcohol has also been banned from other Victoria University halls of residence after neighbours complained about noise and disorderly behaviour.

Victoria University wouldn't front for a 1 NEWS interview today, but in a statement said it takes damage to its property extremely seriously and the behaviour is a breach of the residence agreements.

"Sometimes it might go a bit far, but it's pretty all good usually," another male student said.

There's now an indefinite ban on booze and guests at Joan Stevens Hall and if no one owns up all residents will be splitting the bill for the thousands of dollars of damage.