Watch: The brilliant moment a Whakatane cop escorts a mother duck and ducklings across road in front of stunned learner driver




It's not in the Road Code, but a student driver in Whakatane did everything right when he and his instructor happened upon a mother duck and her ducklings being escorted across the road by no less than a policeman.

The officer and a woman who was also in the area at the time were carefully starting to guide the duck and about a dozen ducklings from the kerb across a courtesy pedestrian crossing at a roundabout in the centre of town late this morning.

The 16-year-old learner driver diligently gave way as instructor Marylou Bruys of Marylou's Driving School grabbed her phone camera and started rolling.

Her video, posted on Facebook, shows the duck and ducklings briskly crossing the road, needing little coaxing from the officer and woman helping guide them in the right direction.

"Look at that, eh. You don't see that every day, eh. No way," the young learner driver is heard saying. 

The officer holds up his hand to make sure a car approaching them stops. The little duck family pauses on the other side of the road and needs a bit of direction to go up onto the footpath, safe and sound.

"Should I go forward now?" the young driver asks, and Ms Bruys gives him the go ahead.

Ms Bruys told 1 NEWS NOW she's been a driving instructor for over 17 years and has seen a lot of things, "but this is the cutest".

"It all happened so quickly," she said, adding that the duck family was apparently heading through town towards the river.

She told the student, who'd had a couple of driving lessons, to wait for the ducks and he did so, checking with her that it was okay to proceed.

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