Watch: Brian Tamaki's wife jokes about how he was a 'terrible patient' after being badly burnt by rubbish fire - 'I felt like a chambermaid'

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki has delivered his first sermon since he claims to have received serious burns from a self made rubbish fire, with his wife describing him as a "terrible patient".

Tamaki took to the stage yesterday with what looked to be a burned right hand telling his faithful followers that he had been absent from the church due to having 30 per cent of his body receiving second degree burns.

"I hadn't planned it," Tamaki said. "But I got tired of looking at this rubbish and I thought I'd burn it before I go away and things evolved from there."

The church leader went on to say his torso was the same colour as his burned right hand, which looked blackened, and he had endured "serious pain".

He then called his wife Hannah Tamaki on to the stage, presenting her with a large bouquet of flowers to thank her for nursing him through his ordeal.

Before she left the stage Mr Tamaki asked his wife to tell the audience what a good patient he had been.

"I will not lie, he was terrible, I threatened to leave the country many times, I felt like a chamber maid a slave," Ms Tamaki joked before revealing he was actually a good patient.

Mr Tamaki repeatedly said he will reveal more about his burns story at the next conference and in an upcoming book he wrote during his recuperation.