Watch: Brian Tamaki tells followers, 'the weight of human sin' caused the Christchurch earthquake - hours before Kaikoura

The controversial Destiny Church leader, Bishop Brian Tamaki, says "the weight of human sin" caused the Christchurch earthquake, and says he warned of the Kaikoura quake in his Sunday sermon, hours before it occurred.

Video of his sermon on Sunday has been posted on the church's Facebook page and shows him quoting the Old Testament Book of Leviticus as saying that "the earth convulses under the weight of certain human sin".

"And it says it spews itself up after a while. That's natural disasters. 'Cause nature was never created to carry the bondage of our iniquity. And so you get earthquakes,"  the self-appointed bishop said.

"Take note because you'll forget out the door. But next year if this happens you'll know why."

Tamaki said massive earthquakes have already hit in Christchurch and "you could have just about predicted that one". 

While Christchurch has "the best name for a city in the world" that city "was everything but Christ church," he said.

"It had the highest murder rates. It was a haven for those who were absolutely anti Christ in every way. They went there......It was the representative from that city that first put in motion gay marriage in this country in 2003," Tamaki said.

In a post today on the Destiny Church Facebook page, Tamaki says, “Firstly my heart-felt prayers to those who have lost their lives and who have suffered trauma and loss.”

He continues: "The earthquake that struck midnight Sunday, the 13th of November 2016 was warned of that Sunday morning at 10:45am, during the Sunday morning church service of Destiny Church Auckland, NZ - that person was me!  It was not a prepared or planned message at all - but came at an ‘inspired moment’ before the sermon."