Watch: Brazen thief pretends to help elderly Thames man before stealing smokes right in front of him




A thief has been caught on camera in Thames pretending to help an elderly man but instead steals his cigarettes.

CCTV footage from outside the Totara Superette in the Coromandel town shows a young man approach the elderly victim at around 2pm yesterday.

The man seemingly offers to help the elderly man load his walker into the boot of his car.

But the man reaches into the boot and takes some items.

Fairfax Media reports the thief took two packets of Pall Mall blue cigarettes.

He then pocketed his stolen goods before jogging away from the elderly man.

Police told 1 NEWS they are investigating the incident but have not yet identified the offender.

Totara Superette manager Kusum Vinayak told Fairfax the elderly man was a regular customer.

"I heard him screaming and when I went to the old man he explained everything, I felt pity for him," she said.

"He was very upset and shouting, saying the guy has taken my cigarettes."

Ms Vinayak reviewed the CCTV footage and shared it on Facebook in the hope of identifying the man. 

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