Watch: 'A bit chaotic' - Kiwi stays on bombed London train rather than join rush to get off




A New Zealander has told how he stayed on a London Underground train that had just been bombed rather than join a crowd that was panicking to get off the platform.

Twenty-nine people were injured, including a Kiwi, but it could have been much worse.
Source: 1 NEWS

One Kiwi was treated and discharged from hospital following the terror attack at the Parsons Green station in southwest London.

A homemade bomb planted in a rush-hour carriage injured 29 people, sparking a huge manhunt for the perpetrators.

Another New Zealander, Brian Moore, was two carriages down from the one that was bombed.

Mr Moore told 1 NEWS he had ear phones in and heard nothing, but saw "a bunch of people in a big panic".

He decided to stay on the train because the platform was in chaos.

"I wanted to leave but me and a couple of other blokes were like 'what's going on?'. It actually looked scarier going into the people. I thought I was quite safe to be honest on the train," Mr Moore said.

He said he and others were on the platform for about 10 minutes, "because everyone wanted to come in, the police, and it was a bit chaotic".

Brian Moore was two carriages down from the bombed one and says people were in a big panic.
Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Moore said he didn't see anyone who was injured by the explosion but he thinks people trying to exit were injuring each other in the rush.

ISIS is claiming the explosion was carried out by an affiliated unit.

British officials have raised the country's terrorism threat level to "critical' - meaning another attack is expected shortly.

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