Watch: Bioluminescence hunter captures enchanting phenomena on video for first time at Auckland beach

A bioluminescent hunter has captured the phenomena on video for the first time at an Auckland beach last night.

Matthew Davison has been photographing bioluminescent displays with a group of "bio hunters" who, according to him, religiously search the shores around Auckland's Hibiscus Coast and beyond.

"When the blue gold is found, a flurry of social media alerts follow. It’s a great people-powered system that enables many to witness this wondrous spectacle," Davison told 1 NEWS.

"A post went up at around 7pm of a sighting last night and that's how I found out."

Bioluminescence at Tindalls Beach, Auckland, Sunday May 9, 2021. Source: Matthew Davison

The "blue gold" was spotted at Tindalls Beach on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. Davison took video and images there around 9pm.

"I've probably been 'bio hunting' 20 times or more, and that was one of the best. It was the most vivid I've ever seen - vivid enough to actually capture it on video for the first time."

He says there were around 30 others enjoying the amazing display at Tindalls Beach.

Dr Mary Sewell, a marine biologist at Auckland University, explained to 1 NEWS previously how the phenomena occurs.

"The bioluminescence is produced by an enzyme system (luciferin/luciferase) which emits light and is also used by other organisms like bacteria and fireflies.

"The enzyme reaction is produced in response to agitation – from wind, waves, movement from swimmers or boats."