Watch: Bill English, Jacinda Ardern make final pitch for votes as tight election race draws to a close




The leaders of New Zealand's two biggest political parties delivered their final pitch this morning to convince Kiwis to vote for them, just a day ahead of the election. 

The National leader and Labour leader tell Breakfast why voters should back them.
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On TVNZ1's Breakfast, Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern said she had "actually really enjoyed the campaign". 

"What's overall resonated is there has been this mood for change, there are things about New Zealand we pride ourselves on, just looking after one another that we haven't seen for a little while," she said.

Ms Ardern addressed the volatile polls, saying "they're all over the place" and said Labour's internal polling showed they were still behind, "but we are very, very close". 

She said she would have liked more time for voters to "watch her leadership for a little bit longer" but she was proud to have run a "positive" campaign. 

She said the voters would decide who Labour would work with in a coalition government when asked if she would prefer to work with the Greens or NZ First, despite the MoU demonstrating Labour's preference to work with the Greens.  

Ms Ardern's final pitch: "If you want more affordable housing, better health care, clean up our environment, we can't wait another three years on auto pilot."

"We've got a plan of action, it's fully costed, and I'm ready to do this, so let's do it together."

1 NEWS Political Editor Corin Dann predicts what might happen once the election result is in.
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National Party leader Bill English spoke from Taupo, describing this year's election as "more about policy, particularly more so than the last campaign". 

He said he thought it was because Labour "had been proposing quite a different way of managing the economy and we've put forward a strong plan for taking New Zealand forward". 

"It's made for a very competitive campaign," he said.

When asked if he thought he had campaigned fairly he said he had and that he thought National had "put forward a very clear plan". 

With the election looking as if NZ First may have the final decision on forming a coalition with either National or Labour, Mr English said he did respect Mr Peters and would work with him "if that's the task" the voters deliver. 

"I've worked with him before. We will accept that responsibility to work with him."

Mr English's final pitch: "This is a proud, confident, successful country going somewhere."

"We've got some significant issues that need to be addressed and the best way to do that is party vote for National, because it'll keep the economy moving along and give us the best opportunity to address the issues - of better public services, better water quality, poverty, better incomes for families, more jobs."

The final TVNZ Leaders' Debate between Bill English and Jacinda Ardern is available to watch here as a signed version. It is produced in partnership with Deaf Aotearoa.

There were fireworks during the leaders debate over a key part of the election campaign.
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