Watch: Bill English the choir connoisseur: 'I've listened to a lot of choral music… and that’s great'




Not to be totally outdone by Jacinda Arden's warm homecoming to her old alma mater at Morrinsville College today, Prime Minister Bill English was also hitting all the right notes while chatting to a group of young vocal students in Christchurch.

The Prime Minister was glowing in his praise of a student choir performance at the opening of a new technical school in Christchurch.
Source: 1 NEWS

Appearing at the opening of the a new engineering building at the Ara Institute of Canterbury, Mr English was glowing in his praise of a choral performance by a choir of young vocal and drama students.

"Well thank you very much. I was just saying to the girls down here, I've listened to a lot of choral music, and even though you're not specialised that was great, thank you very much, a great kiwi song," Mr English said.

They young students appeared charmed by the compliment.  

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