Watch: Bill English casts early vote with wife Mary, days out from election




Bill English cast his vote this morning at Wellington's Asteron Centre with his wife Mary English. 

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Mr English spent about a minute behind the voting screen before placing his vote in the ballot box. 

The National Party leader thoroughly read through the voting form before casting his vote in Wellington.
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His vote comes hot off the heals of the final TVNZ leaders' debate last night. 

Mr English has just one more day to woo the voters before the election.
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Mr English is making his way up the North Island while on the campaign trail today, stopping in at shopping centres in Johnsonville and Kapiti, before stopping in Bulls, Whanganui and Taupo. 

Meanwhile, Jacinda Arden, who cast her vote last week, will be touring Christchurch before going up to Wellington and finishing the evening at a Lower Hutt football club. 

The couple cast their ballots in the Auckland electorate of Mt Albert.
Source: 1 NEWS

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