Watch: Auckland worker's protest becomes carpark face-off as immigrant worker claims he was paid $7 an hour for three years

An Auckland employer has been accused of paying a worker less than half the minimum wage for more than three years.

A bottle store worker claims that he was effectively forced to work 62 hours a week while only being paid for 30.

Manjhinder Singh, 23, says he was threatened by his employers at the Point Chevalier Bottle-O store that they would terminate his work visa and have him sent back to India if he complained about the working conditions.

Mr Singh first came to New Zealand on a student visa which legally allowed him to work only 20 hours a week.

He then obtained a work visa through his Bottle-O employer and admits he broke the law, claiming he worked the extra hours to satisfy his boss's alleged demands.

Mr Singh's employers declined to talk to 1 NEWS on camera, leaving it up to a relative who refuted the claims that he was overworked and underpaid.

"He works only 30 hours and we paid him thirty hours every week," Kamal Deep said.

A secret recording, allegedly between Mr Singh and his employers tells a different story, with the recording seemingly confirming Mr Singh was paid $7 an hour and that a settlement would be made between the two parties.

The owners have told 1 NEWS they have not agreed to any payment.

Today , labour inspectors confirmed they'll investigate this case.

An immigrant bottle store worker says he was effectively paid half the minimum wage for a 60 hour week. Source: 1 NEWS

'If they did their job, Jo would still be alive' - friend of murdered Auckland woman says death was preventable

A former policeman and friend of slain Auckland mother Jo Pert says he's convinced she would still be alive today if police had done their job properly.

The man, who did not want his name published, laid a complaint with the Independent Police Conduct Authority about the actions of officers when they pulled killer Tevita Filo over the night before Ms Pert's death.

A knife was found in the car and Filo was acting "weird". The former cop says taking Filo into custody at that stage should have been a "no-brainer".

"Had that occurred the whole chain of events would be different," he said.

Ms Pert was killed while she was out jogging in the Auckland suburb of Remuera in January last year.  

Police have accepted the findings of the report but will not be changing any procedures as a result, a stance which the complainant calls arrogant.

"I'm extremely disappointed that despite the findings police continue to deny that their processes need looking at. Someone's died here for goodness sake," he said.

"I've no doubt if they did their job properly, Jo would be alive."

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has said while there should have been further enquiries by police when dealing with Filo, there was not a link between the actions of police and Ms Pert's death.

Tevita Filo has been found not guilty by reason of insanity.
Source: 1 NEWS

Counties Manukau District Commander Superintendent Jill Rogers said in a statement, "The officers questioned Filo at length and checked the police system for further information. He explained that he had the knife for his own protection."

"There were no alerts that Filo was wanted and there were no alerts that he had any mental health issues, or posed a danger to the public."

"The officers used their discretion, confiscated the knife and issued Filo with a roadside warning."

She said police acknowledge the authority's findings, and the vehicle Filo was using was linked to the theft of a loaf of bread.

"In this roadside stop, our staff had to make a decision based on one interaction with Filo. They could not have foreseen what was going to happen."

"It is natural to try and rationalise what he did, but we now know that Mr Tevita Filo was a very unwell man," Supt. Rogers said, 

Police have gone through a thorough review into the incident. 

"We recognise that this has been a traumatic experience, not only for Jo Pert's family and friends but for the other victims he encountered."

Filo was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Tevito Filo was found not guilty of murdering Jo Pert in Remuera by reason of insanity. He was spoken with by officers the day before the attack. Source: 1 NEWS


Firefighters race to central Auckland building after smoke billows from apartment

Around 50 firefighters have rushed to a fire in a multi-storey apartment building in central Auckland.

The building is next to the Auckland University of Technology building on Wakefield St.

The scene of the fire in Wakefield Street, central Auckland. Source: 1 NEWS

Smoke was earlier seen coming from an upper floor of the building. The Fire Service says a fire on the sixth floor has been put out.

A total of 15 fire appliances were called to the scene, 1 NEWS was told.

No reports of injuries have been received.

Around 50 firefighters were called to a fire in a multi-storey apartment building in central Auckland this afternoon. Source: 1 NEWS