Watch: Auckland golf club worker forced to lie on ground while brazen robbers threaten him with gun




A worker at a golf club in Auckland was threatened with guns and made to lie on the ground during a brazen robbery on Wednesday night.

Police say the Huapai Golf Club employee was closing up for the night, about 9.15pm, when three men burst into the premises, in the suburb of Riverhead.

Two offenders had firearms.

The worker was threatened with the guns.

Footage released by police shows that the worker was then made to lie on the ground for a short time.

The robbers then ordered the worker into the office.

Over the next few minutes, the three offenders set about stealing several items from the golf club and fled with a sum of money, police say.

"They've taken a number of distinctive cash boxes that were locked and will require force and the use of tools to open," say police.

The offenders may have since thrown these away and someone may have seen them laying somewhere.

One of the cash boxes was brownish-gold coloured and described as looking like an old WWII magazine box.

The keyhole is on the top.

Police are also interested to hear from anyone who recognises the black hoodie worn by one of the men. It had the word "Underated" down the arm.

This sweatshirt isn't widely available in New Zealand, says Detective Kim Davison.

Police have carried out a forensic examination and several inquiries are underway.

The offenders are described as follows:

Offender 1: Solid-stocky build, wearing a dark beanie and a black and grey Nike wind-runner jacket.

The body of the jacket is black with the top half being a distinctive grey marbled pattern. The offender was carrying a pistol.

Offender 2: Was wearing a black puffer-jacket possibly with a hood and a black cap.

Black Nike sneakers with white sole and white Nike Swoosh. The offender was carrying a pistol.

Offender 3: Was wearing a distinctive black hoodie with a white-light-coloured bandana covering his face.

The offender was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, which has the words "Underated" in white writing on the right arm and two white stripes on the left arm.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Rodney CIB on 09 427 4532.

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