Watch: Auckland Girls Grammar and Auckland orchestra team up for angelic performance of Kiwi classic Poi E

A rendition of the classic tune Poi E was performed by Auckland Girls Grammar's kapa haka 'kahurangi' and the Auckland Philharmonica Orchestra in a special presentation to the families of the creators of the song.

The performance was in honour of the memory of late writer Ngoi Pewhairangi and music composer Dalvanius Prime.

Dalvanuis' brother Nephi Prime said it was “beautiful.”

"As they sang, we felt the spirit of the song and it was very emotional. However we are really happy. We've seen the performance and pay tribute to them."

Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra chief executive Barbara Glaser said the South Auckland community and Maori culture is very important to the orchestra.

“We're really delighted to be able to perform this iconic piece," she told TVNZ 1's Te Karere. 

"It's the first time it's been arranged for full orchestra. We're thrilled and very honoured to be part of the performance,” she said.

Poi E shot to number one on the New Zealand song chart in 1984. The lyrics were written by Ngoi Pewhairangi, with music by Dalvanius Prime, and was performed by the Patea Maori Club.

"Although they're not here physically, there's no doubt they're with us in a spirit of happiness and joy, both Dalvanius and Ngoi," said Mr Prime.

"They're both here supporting this song."

"They cultural mix of an orchestra with this very special culture has been the biggest reward, it's been absolutely fantastic and we've had a wonderful response," said Ms Glaser.

The Auckland Philharmonica Orchestra said they plan to engage with other communities across Auckland in cultural collaborations of other popular Maori songs.

Known as NZ's unofficial anthem, the song was recently performed jointly in honour of the memory of its legendary composers. Source: Te Karere