Watch: Auckland cyclist confronts driver after bus nearly runs him off the road

An Auckland cyclist has cried foul after he was nearly run off the road by a bus on the Grafton Bridge.

Alec Tang crossed the inner-city bridge around 7.35am today as he rode to work.

At peak times, the bridge is reserved for cyclists and buses. 

Video footage captured by Mr Tang shows a number 70 bus coming dangerously close to him as it passed and lined up behind another bus, leading him to yell out in anger.

Mr Tang approached the driver, asking him "do you understand what you did here?", but the driver looked away, ignoring him.

He posted the video on Twitter and called on Auckland Transport to "do something before someone dies".

"I know it's Valentines Day, but [that] doesn't mean your bus drivers need to try and mount me," he wrote.

"I'd say it's reckless, but really it's just standard, isn't it?"

The New Zealand Transport Agency guidelines for road users warn that cyclists need to be given "plenty of room when passing them ... ideally, allow at least 1.5 metres between you and the cyclist".

A spokesperson for Auckland Transport said "bus drivers, like all road users, are required by law to share the road.

"Training is provided for bus drivers about sharing the road with cyclists and this training involves the bus drivers getting on a bike and seeing the road from the perspective of the cyclist," they said.

"This incident will be raised with the bus company."

Anyone with an issue with the behaviour of a bus driver was asked to contact Auckland Transport through their online form.

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