Warning of suspicious man approaching children in Auckland's Devonport

Schools in the Auckland suburb of Devonport are warning children to walk in groups after several reports of a man approaching children inappropriately.

Belmont Intermediate School principal Nick Hill said that two pupils in the past week had reported a man in his 30s walking closely behind them as they were going to or from school.

In one case the man followed them down the street.

The girls felt unsafe and ran away, then rang their mothers who picked them up.

"Our children need to walk to and from school in pairs or larger groups at the moment and they need to make sure that they're going home in the most direct route and they're going the same route to and from school, just to be safe," Mr Hall said.

The man had a white Toyota van.

Mr Hill said the girls gave detailed descriptions and did the right thing by getting to safety and telling an adult.

Another school in the area reported a man with a seven-seat Toyota van seen at the school's playground this morning.

Mr Hill requested extra police patrols and parents were asked to talk with their children about being safe and walking together.

Schoolchildren with backpacks stand in the park ready to go to school, long photo
A man has been seen approaching children on their way to school in the Devonport, Auckland area in the past week. Source:

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