Warning for New Zealanders to check passwords after security cameras hacked

People who own home or business security cameras are being urged to check their connections are secure.

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The issue has been put down to people not setting their systems up correctly. Source: 1 NEWS

It comes after several live shots from poorly protected cameras in New Zealand started appearing online.

1 NEWS spoke with a North Island printing business who was unaware their office camera feed was being shared online.

Over the period of half an hour, staff could be seen feeding paper into printing machinery.

While the company's manager didn't want to be identified, he said the camera was set up by a previous owner, as long as five years ago.

The device has since been disconnected.

All Round Security Director Philip Walsh says it's a common issue, often caused by poorly designed passwords.

"Anybody outside can access your CCTV system if they know the password."

Walsh says many people don't even change the device's default password.

"Often they're published online, the factory defaults, they can access your system and watch (you) in your living room."

Data from PriceSpy shows more New Zealanders are purchasing home security devices.

Sales grew at a rate of around 6 per cent per year, with a noticeable spike over the summer period, when more people are likely to be heading on holiday.