Warm welcome for Andrew Little at Green Party conference

Hugs and kisses all round today as Andrew Little turned up to the Greens conference - the first Labour leader to ever speak to Green members.

It’s their first joint public appearance since signing a memorandum of understanding. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Little was greeted by Green co-leaders Metiria Turei and James Shaw after he arrived in a Crown limo, before taking to the stage.

In a rousing speech Mr Little told Green delegates he accepted the invitation to attend the conference out of a "profound sense of responsibility".

Mr Little said he had learned from Mr Shaw "The importance of matching your tie to your political colours. He really does have every shade of Green in the wardrobe. And from Metiria, that you can live in a castle and still be a republican."

The Labour leader described areas Labour and Greens have worked together on, such as the Manufacturing Inquiry.

Mr Shaw followed in his lead, declaring "as of today we are now in campaign mode. We have 18 months to change the government and we will make use of every single day of those 18 months.

"It is now game on."

Labour leader andrew Little speaks at a Green Party conference. Source: Katie Bradford/ONE News

It felt almost election year like as Mr Shaw told about 250 Green Party members "When New Zealand elects the first Labour - Green government in 18 months, this is the moment we will remember."

He personally thanked Mr Little for turning up and described him as someone "who brings people together".

Both leaders focused on the housing crisis as one of the major issues they say National has failed the country on.

Mr Shaw repeatedly declared "change is coming"...but not without a rally to the troops.

"I gotta tell you, we need to get real about what we're up against. National has built a formidable political machine, with millions of dollars and powerful vested interests behind it who are desperate to preserve the status quo. In order to take on this machine, we need you. And we're going to need everything you've got."

That means, he told members, being out on the streets, on the phones, on social media.

Both speeches focused on what a Labour-Green government would look like and repeatedly attacked the Government.